Products and Services

We offer a set of services for electronic payment systems. We follow the entire life cycle of cards and terminals, guiding issuers and acquirers in the correct technical choices, helping from product design to implementation.


Our development team is specialized in providing solutions for payment systems, helping issuers and acquirers in sustaining their businesses.

Terminals: ATM, Self-service (CEN-XFS specialists) and POS, Terminal Management Systems: configuration management and application update, Switch and atuhorization systems, Business supporting applications (C/C++, C#, Java…).

NCR Software, APTRAxpress Gold Development Partner, APTRA Specialists, XFS & J/XFS Specialists, Worldwide projects and implementation support.

QA And Test Services​

We provide a variety of quality assurance and testing services to assist our customers in developing, deploying and improving their payment systems.
Our Quality Assurance laboratory follows the definitions of ISO 17025.

Test plan and cases definition, Development support, System integration, Functional testing, Pre-certification testing.


We provide advisory services for the categories Guidance and Technical Support for Issuers and Acquirers.
These services allow us to support clients in making correct technical choices and following best practices for chip migration.

Our wide payment systems market experience allows us to offer consultancy services to support EMV chip contact and contactless projects since inception.
Our team have the expertise to plan and execute projects, develop technical and test specifications and design solutions.

Gap Analysis services, will help you clearly understand the project’s requirements and, based on company, infrastructure and systems current state, plan the steps to accomplish all goals successfully.
ARGOTECHNO’s team has the required expertise to analyze the current stage of the systems and support project planning and guidelines to start its development.Workshop to present necessary payment systems concepts and gather project information.

  • Hold focus group meetings
  • Document high level process
  • Stablish milestones and high level project plan
  • Analyze current systems and report gaps to accomplish the planned goals
  • Present report’s results and conclusions

The initial phase will take about a month, with occasional meetings along the way.
At the end of the process, Argotechno will deliver a report containing: research results, improvement suggestions, prospection of results and estimated time for implementation.


As part of our qualification services, we offer training programs tailored to clients’ real needs, using well-established technologies like EMV and more recent ones, like Contactless, NFC, and mobile technologies.

Provide management teams a clear view of the dimensions that involve the adoption of EMV rules in a company, showing how to obtain and explore possibilities of new business coming from this transition.

Provide executives a view on the dimensions that involve the adoption of EMV rules, understand the benefits that might be reached, and explore the possibilities coming from new projects of such technologies and patterns.

Provide the student the concepts of EMV technology from the acquirer’s point of view; present the flow of EMV transactions and how they affect acquiring systems through the different phases of the transaction.
Describe the options for implementing acquiring systems, the processing of transactions and key management.
Expose the relation between generic EMVCo specifications and the specific scheme’s requirements.

Provide the student the concepts of EMV technology from the Issuer’s point of view; guide the card profile choice and explain how they affect the issuing and authorization systems.
Describe the options for the implementing of authorization systems,processing of transaction and key management.
Present the relation between the generic EMVCo specifications and the specific scheme’s requirements.

Provide a clear view of the official certification processes, explore questions on requirements
and on how to obtain and maintain each certification.

Certification Lab

We provide services related to the Advisory and Technical Support categories to Issuers and Acquirers. In this way, we can assist customers in making correct technical decisions, always following good migration practices.

E2E + CPV 



Value from Secure Transactions

Approaches that help our customers to get high value from secure transactions

  • Innovation
  • Time to market
  • Reduced risks
  • Compliance

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